Can CBD Help with Alzheimer’s & Dementia?

CBD, or cannabidiol, has been suggested as a treatment to help seniors with dementia manage their symptoms. While there is currently no evidence to show that CBD can stop, reverse, or prevent dementia, there is research that shows that it could help manage symptoms. This could be great news for families and seniors who are struggling with the effects of dementia. In this post, we will explore what CBD is along with how CBD can be used to help seniors deal with Alzheimer’s or related dementias.   read more>>

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CBD’s Therapeutic Role For Improving Mental Health

The cannabis plant and its constituents are in trend for the rejuvenating effects on your body and your mind. It contains two significant phytocannabinoids, i.e., cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. While the former is responsible for the therapeutic effects, the latter contributes to euphoria-like sensations. When it comes to mental health, cannabidiol plays a crucial role in maintaining it.

The phytocannabinoid interacts with receptors in your brain and can relieve stress. Also, it increases the levels of feel-good hormones and can uplift your mood. If you’re struggling with your mental health, then herbal supplements can do wonders for you.   read more>> 

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How Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

 Although tobacco addiction isn’t contagious, it causes millions of deaths worldwide. It’s also one of the most addictive substances on Earth. Each year, more than 7 million people die from tobacco-related diseases.

In the United States, over 40 million adults struggle with nicotine addiction. Worse yet, conventional treatments seem to fail to help those people quit smoking cigarettes.

Fortunately, many promising “novel” therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, can be enhanced with natural remedies that can mitigate withdrawal symptoms. Recently, CBD (cannabidiol) has been making big headlines in research journals for its ability to help with tobacco addiction. read  more >>

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The Benefits of CBD for Women’s Health

While CBD for sleep and CBD for relaxation are often linked within advertising campaigns, there are plenty more benefits of CBD. “We’re already starting to see it used increasingly in healthcare,” says Dr Dani Gordon(opens in new tab), a medical doctor, integrative medicine physician, and author of The CBD Bible. “It’s growing all of the time.” Indeed, one of the latest offerings to hit shelves—tampons infused with CBD by the cool menstrual care brand Daye—points to where this flourishing industry is headed next—helping to ease the symptoms of women’s health conditions like period pain, endometriosis, and menopause. 

So how exactly could CBD help your mental and physical wellbeing, and should it become a staple part of your own bedtime routine? We take a look at what exactly it is (spoiler: this stuff won’t get you high), the science-based ways it can make you feel better, and how best to use it effectively. Now, sit back and relax…  read more>>

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Baby Boomer CBD Use Equals That of Millennials

  • The market for CBD products is growing rapidly in the United States – and Boomers, in particular, are fueling this growth as they spend more on Cannabidiol than any other generation.
  • Female Boomers spend more than male Boomers and accounted for over 20 percent of CBD sales in the US in 2018.
  • The main reason Boomers are spending more on CBD products than other generations is because they are more likely to be suffering from an ailment that CBD can potentially treat.
  • CBN, known as the “sleep cannabinoid”, is another type of cannabis-derived product that is on the rise in the US.
  • Like CBD, it can be used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and many other unpleasant conditions which are prevalent amongst older Americans.  read more>> 

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Here’s How CBD Can Directly Improve Your Sex Life

There’s CBD in your deodorant, your serum, and your toothpaste. Your grandma’s using it for her arthritis. Even IKEA put CBD in meatballs (ew, but OK). The “green boom” and legalization of cannabis across many states has resulted in the normalization of hemp-based supplements and with the mainstream embracing CBD. (Maybe you even have some in your medicine cabinet right now.)

Chances are, you’ve also seen an explosion of CBD topicals (lubricants, creams, gels, and suppositories) and ingestibles (capsules, gummies, and tinctures/oils) geared towards boosting your sex life and sexual wellness.

As it turns out, there are a number of applications cannabidiol can have in the bedroom, from managing your hormones to alleviating pain, and even to increase your libido (so… buckle up).  read more >>

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The Curious Case of CBN & Sleep

Cannabinol (CBN) was the very first cannabinoid to be isolated from the cannabis plant in the late 1800s. We have since learned that CBN is a degradant product of THC. This means that THC will slowly transform into CBN over time as cannabis ages. Older bud will generally contain higher CBN levels at the expense of its THC content. Light and heat will accelerate this conversion process, which is part of the reason it’s typically recommended to store your cannabis in a cool, dark place.

read more>>

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CBD Drug Interactions: What You Need to Know

Drug interactions can be both useful and dangerous. Learn how CBD and THC may inhibit or amplify the effects of pain meds, statins, blood thinners, insulin and more. Highlights: 

  • THC and CBD interact with many common pharmaceuticals. Cannabinoids can inhibit or potentiate the effects of various drugs.
  • Many pharmaceuticals – including THC and CBD – are metabolized by a family of enzymes called cytochrome P450.
  • Interactions between cannabinoids and other drugs can be exploited to mitigate side effects while synergistically improving a patient’s quality of life.

Cannabinoid-opioid interactions show great therapeutic potential. THC significantly enhances the painkilling effects of opiates, while CBD is most promising for reducing withdrawal and dependence.  read more>> 
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CBD as Preventative Medicine

7 ways CBD-rich cannabis can be used to prevent disease.

Cannabinoid therapy is connected to the part of the biological matrix where body and brain meet. Since CBD and other compounds in cannabis are so similar to the chemicals created by our own bodies, they are integrated better than many synthetic drugs. According to Bradley E. Alger, a leading scientist in the study of endocannabinoids with a PhD from Harvard in experimental psychology, “With complex actions in our immune system, nervous system, and virtually all of the body’s organs, the endocannabinoids are literally a bridge between body and mind. By understanding this system, we begin to see a mechanism that could connect brain activity and states of physical health and disease.”read more >>

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CBD And Keto [Everything You Need To Know About Ketosis And CBD Oil]

Whatever your reasons for taking CBD oil, you don’t need to worry about it ruining your keto diet. Here we will take you through everything you need to know about CDB and keto, including some studies that actually suggest that they may complement one another, read on to find out why.

learn more>>

How Can Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?

Updated on March 23, 2022

While medical marijuana has gained significant recognition over the past several years for its ability to safely and effectively treat a variety of conditions, ranging from anxiety and pain to cancer and Crohn’s disease, doctors have only recently started to notice a secondary – and equally intriguing – result of medical cannabis use:

Weight loss. read more>>

Cannabis and Yoga Go Together Like…

This plant-practice pairing has been gaining traction in the yoga community.  Here, how THC and CBD can impact your time on the mat. Yoga is a physical and mental practice that requires total focus on one’s mind and body. Cannabis is a plant with various intoxicating and psychoactive compounds that, when ingested in various ways, can allow users to more fully access one’s mind and body. So, it should come as little surprise that there are a growing number of teachers and practitioners who are increasingly integrating cannabis and yoga in order to achieve a certain kind of mental and physical wholeness.



Below is information on a fantastic study on how scientists can now use Cannabis-Responsive biomarkers as a universal measurement of cannabis impact on humans. It is the first study conducted on humans. This is exactly what the Cannabis world has been waiting for. We, at My CBD Cabinet, believe that this study is extremely important news in the CBD world. This news holds great hope for the future of the Cannabis plant by clearly showing how beneficial it truly is to all humans.

Cannabis-Responsive™ Biomarkers a New Universal Measurement of Cannabis Impact

The first paper from the ASD Pilot Study that successfully identified Cannabis-Responsive™ biomarkers in children with autism was published by the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. This is the first study to ever examine the saliva of children with ASD who have been treated with various cannabis/CBD products widely available in California dispensaries. The paper establishes Cannabis-Responsive biomarkers as a universal measurement of cannabis impact. The study positions medical cannabis as the only peer-reviewed published treatment to show a shift towards the physiological range in children with autism.


Cannabis Treatment Moves Biomarker Levels Toward the Physiological Range

All of the children with autism who participated in the study saw the majority of their biomarkers move towards the physiological range of typically developing children following their morning dose of cannabinoid-based medicine.

A Universal Tool for Measuring Impact

What is so amazing about this CBD News? Cannabis-Responsive™ biomarkers create a universal tool for measuring physiological cannabis impact. This will empower patients and clinicians with new knowledge. They will now have objective quantitative data to track and optimize treatments as well as giving them data to share with other health care providers.

First to Provide ASD Specific Metabolic Levels In Response to Treatment

Children with autism are often prescribed antipsychotic, anti-anxiety and anti-depressive medications. They are prescribed these even though the metabolic response of children with autism to these medications has not yet been studied. The Cannformatics study we are talking about, positions medical cannabis as the only scientifically peer-reviewed published treatment to show a shift towards the physiological range for children with autism.

Physiological Ranges Create Familiar Comparisons

The Cannabis-Responsive biomarker data in the ASD paper is similar to the data provided for traditional blood tests or urine analyses. These tests typically compare the patient’s levels to a physiological range. Having these tools and technology puts cannabis on an even scientific playing field with traditional pharmaceuticals. Making it easier for health care providers and patients to see and compare medical cannabis impact.

Read more:

The Science of Cannabis

If you are looking for a great book on the Cannabis plant and all that it can do for you, then this is a must read!  Here at the store it is our go to for information. Dr. Bonni Goldstein, explains the science behind the use of this amazingly therapeutic plant and describes in easy-to-understand detail the recently discovered endocannabinoid system. This system is involved in almost every human physiological process.

One of her quotes that has really moved us here at My CBD Cabinet to educate our community about the Cannabis plant is as follows: “I have witnessed sick and desperate patients have a complete turn-around in the quality of their lives. Cannabis medicine must be available as an option or alternative to current first-line treatments, especially if those treatments have harmful or potentially fatal side effects. If a pharmaceutical with the properties of cannabis were synthetically created and introduced today, the medical community would embrace it with open arms and tout it as a miracle drug. I have written this book so you and your loved ones, who may be suffering, can move past the false propaganda that continues to this day and understand how cannabis is medicine“.

If you are interested in buying this book, it is available on Amazon.

Here’s the podcast that gives you even more insight on Cannabis-Responsive Biomarkers. In this podcast they talk about what lies ahead for similar research from Cannformatics CCO & Co-Founder Ken Epstein. In spite of today’s cannabis challenges, Cannformatics, a San Francisco-based biotech startup, is conducting groundbreaking clinical studies to remove the confusion and stigma patient’s face when looking to medical cannabis to improve wellness.

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